August Magnolia Blog

Aug 21, 2020

We’ve got a special guest at Magnolia…….Maggie the Morning Dove!

Nesting patiently on the porch of our Magnolia Suite all summer, Maggie was recently rewarded with two, camera-shy babies which have just “left the coop”. Also adding to the excitement on our porches was Ron, who recently saved a newborn wren that had fallen out of his nest in the rafters, returning him safely to his grateful Mom and siblings.

I’m not sure if bird watching has become “our thing”, but if it’s yours check out the Queen Catharine Marsh, which runs alongside the Catherine Valley Trail just south of Clute Park. From provided platforms, many different types of birds and vegetation can be spotted, and fishing Catherine Creek is just a few steps away.

Here in Hector and Schuyler County, we are lucky to be surrounded not only by water and marshes, but also rich farmland. Consequently, there are many opportunities to experience agritourism. Currently peach season, Wickham Farms up the road has a bountiful supply we are taking full advantage of (peach waffles, anyone?!)  Also, the creameries have artisan cheeses, and offer the opportunity to tour working dairy farms and sample local products.

“Empty Nesters” or not, stop by and enjoy the country air.
The birds will be waiting!


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